Pienza - 2 June

The 11th century church Pieve di Corsignano has this figure in the window over the entrance that as far as I can figure is Mrs. Butterworth, patron saint of pancake syrup and other viscous liquids (I could be a little off on that). The Romanesque church is located down the hill along the Via del Bacio ('way of the kiss') with its unusual circular tower anchoring it to the landscape. This was the site of our last official Ex Tempore water slinging.

The afternoon began the Seaside Pienza Institute and the program discussing how to manage and sustain legacy properties, both in Italy and the U.S. The opening took place in the Town Hall, overlooking Piazza Pio II. It is number 5 on the plan below - what is interesting is that even though it is much smaller than all the other major buildings, it holds it own in term of public presence and importance in the meetingplace of the Piazza.

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