Providence 27th May

We are departing our humble 1860 farmhouse in Providence for 2 weeks in truly historic surroundings. We are attending the Pienza Institute in the middle part of our trip, arriving and leaving from Rome. At Christmas, we spent a week in Rome, so this time after arriving we are spending a few days in Tivoli. The flight should be easy - we leave from Providence in the afternoon for a short flight to JFK - then direct to Rome. Once there, we pick up our SmartCar and zoom over to Tivoli. A link to a map of our trip is at


HB3 said...

One day, you and Mary will just dissapear. Everyone will email and cellphone each other, maybe even blog it, and ask, "Where is Bill? Mary?"

As Springsteen/N. Young/Dylan once sang, "Yo Mama was a rollin' stone."


Susan Henderson said...

Looks like a stunning trip! Can't wait to follow along.